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11kV High voltage ANSI 52-1 suspension insulators 40kN DISC CERAMIC INSULATORS

Product classification:

Suspension porcelain insulators


Pin type insulators

Product Features

Product details

Clevis type suspension porcelain insulators( ANSI Class )
ANSI Class 52-1
Coupling size Type B
Diameter(D) mm 165
Spacing(H) mm 140
Creepage distance mm 178
Mechanical Values
combined M&E strength kN 44
Dry arcing distance mm 114
Impact strength N.m 5
Routine proof test load (Maximum working load) kN 22
Time load test value kN 27
Electrical Values
Low frequency dry flashover voltage kV 60
Low frequency wet flashover voltage kV 30
Critical impulse flashover voltage,positive kV 100
Critical impulse flashover voltage,negative kV 100
Low frequency puncture voltage kV 80
Radio influence Voltage Data
Test voltage RMS to ground kV 7.5
Maximum RIV at 1000kHz μv 50
Packing and Shipping Data
Net weight,approximate kg 2.5

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