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11kV Drop-out Fuse Bushing

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Drop-out Fuse


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Drop-out fuse cutout and load switching fuse cutout are of outdoor used high voltage protective device,Tobe connected with incomin-g feeder of distribution transformer or distribution lines,it mainly protect transformer or lines from short circuit and overload,and on/off loading,current,Drop-out fuse cutout is composed of insulate insulator supports and fuse tube,static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube,Fuse tube is composed of inside arcexting tube.Outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glasstube,Load switching fuse cutout provides enfored elastic auxiliry contacts and arc-extinguishing exclosure switching on-off loading current.

Product details

11kV Drop out Fuse Bushing is a type of equipment used to protect the power grid system, mainly used for equipment such as disconnectors, isolating switches, and circuit breakers installed on power transmission lines. Its main function is to protect the safety of equipment and systems by disconnecting the current circuit in the event of a power failure.

11kV Drop out Fuse Bushing is usually made of insulating material and can withstand the effects of high voltage and current. It has good insulation performance and mechanical strength, and can withstand various abnormal situations in the power system, such as short circuits, overloads, and arcs.

The use of 11kV Drop out Fuse Bushing can effectively protect power equipment and systems from damage caused by current overload and faults. It can also improve the reliability and stability of the power system, reduce power outages and maintenance time.

In summary, 11kV Drop out Fuse Bushing is an important power protection device that protects the safety of equipment and systems by disconnecting the current circuit. It plays a crucial role in power transmission lines, ensuring the normal operation of the power system.



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