Our factories have been dedicated to manufacturing porcelain insulators for a long time, especially for East China Export, it has got a 20 years history of porcelain insulator manufacture. Our monthly production capacity is about 3,000 tons. Our products, mainly operate on and under 220kv voltage, such as power line porcelain insulator, electric appliance porcelain, power station porcelain, railway long rod porcelain and so on. The products has over 20 categories, more than 200 types. Besides, we accept customer design.
Jiangxi Johnson Electric Company is ready to provide excellent products and reliable service to theclients all over the world, we look forward to doing business with you.

Corporate Talent Values

The company respects and cherishes talents, and provides all conditions for the growth, value play and creation of talents to the greatest extent

Corporate team values

The biggest capital of an enterprise is talents. This kind of talents is not an individual in quantity, but a group of teams.

Working idea

Solid strength, solid performance

Co-building the enterprise family

"Passionate work, happy life"

As the company grows, it also allows employees to lead a prosperous life.