Talent concept

Morality is the foundation, talent is the first, and we will grow together to the best of our abilities

The use of moral standards and mindfulness as the fundamental principle in life and work, and the talent and potential demonstrated in work as the prerequisite, with equal emphasis on morality and talent.

★ Provide competitive compensation and benefits, establish a scientifically quantified employee incentive system, and recruit talents from all over the world.
★ Provide a fair and impartial evaluation mechanism to achieve the best use of talents, and help employees realize their self-worth while achieving success in the company.
★ Advocate for happy work, mutual help and mutual assistance, continuously improve the spiritual and cultural pursuit of the enterprise, and create a warm home for employees.

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Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of company products; 2. Based on the regional sales goals set by the company, develop a sales plan for the region, decompose the goals, and organize their implementation; 4. Develop customers in the regional market and complete the distribution network layout; 4. Develop new customers, maintain existing customers, expand business channels, and regularly visit new and existing customers in the urban area 5. Responsible for developing regional product promotion activity plans every month, and conducting post event summary and analysis of each activity; Job requirements: 1. High school education or above, aged 22-40; Able to endure hardships, be hardworking, love the sales industry, have good communication and expression skills, organizational and planning abilities; 2. More than half a year of work experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, with experience in the beverage industry preferred, and veterans preferred; 3. Companies can cultivate inexperienced individuals; Company Benefits: 1. A monthly full attendance reward of 150 yuan; 2. Employee birthday benefits; 3. Traditional holidays are taken according to national regulations and benefits are distributed in kind or cash; 4. Providing unified social insurance for employees; 5. The company has a good working atmosphere and harmonious employee relationships. The group regularly organizes rich and colorful large-scale team building activities; 6. The group company provides a broad development platform and promotion channels; 7. Year-end bonus and equity incentive. 8. Manage food and accommodation