In recent years, Luxi County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, China has begun to broaden its international vision, put the electric porcelain industry in the general pattern of the development of the world’s electric porcelain industry, put forward the development goal of “the world’s electric porcelain sees China and China’s electric porcelain sees Luxi”, and is committed to building a “capital of electric porcelain in the world”.

Marching into the world is not the fantasy of Luxi County. Reports from relevant departments of Luxi County show that the county’s electric porcelain has formed the only industrial cluster covering glass, composite and porcelain edge in China. The whole industry has the R & D and production capacity to develop high, medium and low-grade electric porcelain; It has formed a relatively perfect industrial chain from porcelain clay mining to leading products and accessories manufacturing; The product structure has realized the diversified development from single low-voltage electric porcelain to ultra-high voltage electric porcelain and electric porcelain accessories, and has become the largest electric porcelain industry base in the world.

The data show that up to now, there are 147 upstream and downstream enterprises in the county’s electric porcelain industry. Medium and low voltage electric porcelain accounts for 75% of the domestic market share. At the same time, it is well sold overseas, and its products cover more than 40 series and more than 600 varieties. There are 10 electric porcelain enterprises listed in the State Grid procurement list, accounting for 10 / 23 of the country; There are 4 enterprises in the procurement list of China Railway Corporation, accounting for 4 / 8 of the country. Due to the significant advantages of the electric porcelain industry, the county has been successively approved as one of the national electric porcelain industrialization base, China industry university research cooperation innovation demonstration base, the national famous brand creation demonstration zone of the electric porcelain industry, the national electric porcelain high-tech industrialization base, the national electric porcelain foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, and one of the first 20 provincial industrial demonstration industrial clusters in Jiangxi Province. In 2016, “Luxi electric porcelain” also ranked among the 30 most potential brands in China.  
These honors have added confidence to Luxi’s courage to “shine the sword”. With complete industry, solid foundation and long history, Luxi’s slogan of “capital of electric porcelain in the world” is natural.

In fact, in the face of great changes in the international and domestic markets, Luxi County has jumped out of China to see the industry, and is making great efforts to layout and promote the industry to go alone in the country and connect with the world. The county has successively set up a number of service platforms for the electric porcelain industry, such as the provincial high voltage insulating material engineering research center, the provincial electric porcelain Engineering Technology Research Center, and the wear-resistant structural ceramics engineering technology research center. It is worth mentioning that the Provincial Key Laboratory of high voltage insulating materials, the provincial high voltage electric porcelain inspection and testing and technical service platform and the electric porcelain inspection and testing center are the most advanced electric porcelain inspection and testing laboratories in the south of the Yangtze River in China, which can test all products of 550 kV and below.

In order to further expand its world influence, Luxi County also aims at the new opportunities brought by the construction of the national “three vertical and four horizontal” UHV power grid and the global energy Internet, encourages electric porcelain enterprises to improve the added value and scientific and technological content of export commodities, and supports the export of independent brand products of electric porcelain by formulating foreign trade export incentives. Over the past two years, enterprises have been organized to participate in exhibitions in Germany, Indonesia, Brazil and other countries and regions, which has greatly improved the international popularity of Luxi electric porcelain.
The blueprint has been drawn. Now, the dream building road of Luxi electric porcelain is set sail again, looking forward to shaking hands with the world. This dream is not only the inheritance of its brilliant origin, but also the choice of its bright future!