Warmly welcome to visit our Booth No.D23 in CAPE TOWN 21-23 MAY,2024

At Enlit Africa, the most influential energy companies come together to drive opportunity. The conference is widely regarded as the critical business event of the year. This is where the 'who's who' of the sector gather to exchange new ideas and form business relationships that fuel innovation and opportunity.

Exhibit at Enlit Africa 2024
CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa
21-23 May 2024

Exhibition Introduction

The 2024 Cape Town Transmission, Distribution and Public Utilities Exhibition - Enlit Africa is not only a grand event in the field of electricity and public utilities, but also a convergence of global wisdom and innovation. This exhibition will be held grandly in the beautiful Cape Town of South Africa, attracting industry elites, experts and scholars from around the world, as well as numerous business representatives to participate in the grand event.

As the largest exhibition on power transmission, distribution, and public utilities in Africa, Enlit Africa not only provides exhibitors with a platform to showcase the latest technologies, products, and solutions, but also builds a bridge for participants to exchange, cooperate, and seek common development. Here, people can witness the latest achievements in global transmission and distribution technology with their own eyes, and gain a deeper understanding of the latest concepts and practices in public utility management.

As the largest power country and the most economically developed country in Africa, South Africa accounts for 60% of the total power generation in Africa. It is also a member of the South African Power Union (SAPP) and a major power exporter in Africa, supplying power to Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and other neighboring countries. However, with the acceleration of domestic industrialization in recent years, South Africa's electricity demand has increased, with a total demand of about 40000 megawatts, while the national power generation capacity is about 30000 megawatts. In April 2011, the South African government specifically allocated $10 billion to the South African electricity company ESKOM for the development of the electricity industry, especially in the new energy market dominated by solar energy, to build a production mechanism that comprehensively utilizes coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower for power generation, in order to ensure the supply of electricity in South Africa. For the entire African continent, the annual investment in the electricity market is as high as 90 billion US dollars, and by 2030, countries will invest as much as 563 billion US dollars in electricity infrastructure.

Against this backdrop, the 22nd African Power and Energy Exhibition in 2024 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from May 8 to 10, jointly organized by the South African Power Company (ESKOM) and the Department of Industry and Trade (DTI) of South Africa. It will involve power generation, transmission and distribution, energy measurement, new energy, energy storage, electric vehicles, water resource management and other fields, from 70 countries and regions, covering Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Nigeria, the Kingdom of Lesotho, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Israel, Botswana, the Republic of Malawi, Guinea, etc. This is also the duration, scale, and level of participants in Africa (National Energy Minister, President and CEO of electric power company), influence, etc.

This event consists of two parts: a product exhibition and a summit forum. The product display covers the entire industry chain of electricity and water, including power generation, solar energy, hydropower, wind power, metering, transmission and distribution, major electricity customers (mining, electricity retailers, commerce, agriculture), water and other fields;

Exhibition highlights

The 2024 Africa Energy Exhibition will be jointly held with another well-known African electricity exhibition, POWERGENAFRICA. At that time, the exhibition will cover the entire industry chain of the electricity industry. If you participate in one exhibition, you can have two exhibition effects;

ESKOM, a South African power company, has signed a contract with Africa Energy Week as the host power company for 7 consecutive years from 2016 to 2023. A large number of middle and senior representatives will participate in this exhibition, which is also a comprehensive power exhibition strongly supported by ESKOM;

A strong national collective exhibition composed of China, Switzerland, India, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Germany, South Africa Export Association, etc;

A unique CEO forum for power companies, with over 160 attendees from African power companies;

Exhibition Review

In 2023, the exhibition had over 6763 registered visitors, 275+exhibitors, over 15000 square meters of exhibition halls, 160+speakers, 85+utility companies, and 20 African utility CEOs,

Scope of participants: From over 64 countries, including 23 African countries, 85% come from local Africa, and 10% come from the Asia Europe region;

296+C-level personnel, an increase of 146% compared to 2022, and 763+company executives, directors, and founders, an increase of 96% compared to 2022;

1162+engineers, technicians, experts, and senior managers, an increase of 440% compared to 2022;

Promotion time: Media promotion lasts for 10 months, with 79 cooperating media outlets and 2 million media audiences. Exhibitors have already introduced to potential customers to the maximum extent possible;

Market Overview

Only a quarter of the population in Africa has access to electricity, and a quarter of the installed capacity of power stations cannot operate. The African continent has abundant water, oil, natural gas, coal, and geothermal resources, with enormous market potential for exploration;

According to statistics, from now until 2030, approximately 10 million kilowatts or 20% of power generation units in South Africa will face retirement.

The annual allocation quota for distributed generation in South Africa's 2030 Comprehensive Energy Plan may increase to 500MW/year;

Exhibition scope

Power generation technology and equipment: power plant equipment, clean power generation technology, power plant energy conservation and environmental protection

Power transmission and distribution equipment: high-voltage switches, isolating switches, grounding switches, circuit breakers, fuses, automatic circuit breakers, switchgear, vacuum arc extinguishing chambers, load switches, combination appliances

Transformers: amorphous transformers, dry-type transformers, oil immersed transformers, transformer components

Low voltage electrical appliances: circuit breakers, fuses, contactors, switchgear, relays, distribution cabinets

Other: power cables, box type substations, transformers, reactors, lightning arresters, insulators, capacitors, power fittings, towers, etc; Power automation products: power grid dispatch management, products equipped with medium and low voltage power grids, complete sets of electrical control and automation equipment, distribution network automation, MIS system, power communication equipment, load control equipment, power information technology and IT integration products, power electronic products and technology

Electrical equipment products: wires and cables, cable accessories, cable joints, wiring terminals, insulation materials, wiring equipment, energy-saving products, power systems, electrical alloys, electrical specialized equipment, electrical specialized machine tools and equipment

Electricity metering and billing: various centralized/remote meter reading systems, meters, exchangers, inductors, controllers, etc

Power testing and monitoring: infrared thermal imagers, remote monitoring systems, insulation monitoring systems, cable fault location systems, various testing and maintenance tools for the power industry, lighting equipment

Power energy-saving products: high, medium and low voltage frequency converters, high, medium and low voltage frequency conversion speed regulation technology and products, efficient intelligent energy-saving devices, motor energy-saving devices, energy-saving controllers, power demand side management technology

Electric power construction equipment: electric power construction equipment, wire clamps, wire breaking equipment, portable short-circuit grounding wire, hydraulic clamps, hydraulic torque wrenches, ultra-high voltage hydraulic tools, wire clamps, high-altitude work platforms

Solar energy products and equipment: photovoltaic cells and modules, photovoltaic balance systems, photovoltaic component tracking and installation systems, photovoltaic applications, photovoltaic wafer materials and equipment, lighting technology, solar thermal energy applications

Wind power generation products and equipment: wind power equipment, wind power supporting and services, wind farm development, wind power project engineering and construction

Hydraulic power generation products and equipment: water conservancy and hydropower construction machinery, water conservancy specialized machinery, agricultural water conservancy construction machinery, water conservancy and hydrological automation system and instrument equipment, hydropower technology and equipment, water conservancy and hydropower peripheral equipment