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TR202 Ceramic Porcelain Station line Post Insulator in ANSI Standard

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TR202 Glazed Power Porcelain Ceramic Station Post Insulator

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LINE POST PORCELAIN INSULATOR TR202: Ensuring Reliable High-Voltage Insulation

The LINE POST PORCELAIN INSULATOR TR202 is a high-voltage insulator widely utilized in power transmission lines and electrical systems. Constructed from high-quality porcelain, this insulator demonstrates exceptional insulation performance and arc resistance, effectively preventing electrical accidents and faults during the power transmission process.

The TR202 insulator is designed and manufactured in accordance with stringent quality standards to ensure reliable and consistent performance. Advanced techniques and technologies are employed in its production, making it a dependable choice for various high-voltage applications.

Key Features:
1. Insulation Performance: The TR202 insulator excels in maintaining superior insulation properties, enabling the safe and efficient transmission of high voltages over long distances without leakage or power loss.
2. Arc Resistance: With its excellent resistance to electric arcs, the TR202 insulator safeguards the integrity of the power grid by preventing electrical faults and breakdowns, thus reducing downtime and enhancing system reliability.
3. Mechanical Strength: The insulator's robust construction ensures high mechanical strength, allowing it to withstand extreme weather conditions, vibrations, and mechanical stresses commonly encountered in power transmission applications.
4. Corrosion Resistance: The porcelain material used in the insulator's fabrication exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosion, providing a long service life, even in harsh environmental conditions.
5. Easy Installation: The TR202 insulator is designed for effortless installation on various types of transmission line structures, reducing labor and time requirements during the installation process.
6. Low Maintenance: Thanks to its durable and reliable design, the TR202 insulator requires minimal maintenance, contributing to reduced lifecycle costs and enhancing the overall efficiency of the power system.

ANSI Designation   TR202
Overal Height(H) mm 191
Max. Shed Diameter(D) mm 180
Creepage Distance mm 267
Top Cap B.C.D. (d1)/Max. Cap Diameter mm 19
Bottom Cap B.C.D. (d2)/Max. Cap Diameter mm 19
Cantilever Strength kN 9
Tensile Strength kN 35
Torsion Strength N·m 869
Compression Strength kN 222
Impulse Flashover Positive kV   105
Low Frequency Withstand Wet kV 30
mpulse Withstand kV 95
Radio Influence Voltage DataTest Voltage, Rms to Ground kV 5
Max. RIV,at 1000kHz μV 50
Net Weight kg 6


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