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55-4M Pin porcelain insulator

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Pin type insulators

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Pin type insulators

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Type ANSI 55-4M
Standard Applied ANSI C29.5
Main Dimensions D: 160mm
H: 130mm
Leakage Distance 280mm
Cantilever Strength Load 13.35kN
Low Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage 65kV
Low Frequency Wet Flashover Voltage 35kV
Critical Impulse Flashover(positive) 105kV
(negative) 130kV
Power-Frequency Puncture Voltage 95kV
Radio-Influence Voltage
Test Voltage to Ground 10kV
Maximum RIV, at 1000kHz 50μV
Visual and Dimensional Inspection According to IEC 383


The 55-4m pin insulator is an insulator used in power transmission and distribution systems. It is usually made of ceramic or composite materials and has excellent insulation performance and durability.

The length of the 55-4m pin insulator is 4 meters, suitable for applications such as power lines and substations. It can withstand high voltage and maintain stable operation of power lines. The insulator has good mechanical strength and can withstand external environmental challenges such as adverse weather conditions and high temperatures.

The design of the 55-4m pin insulator takes into account factors such as ease of installation and maintenance. It is usually installed through pins fixed on the wire pole, which can ensure the stability and safety of the insulator. Meanwhile, its compact structure, light weight, and small surface area help reduce the impact of wind on insulators.

The main function of this type of insulator is to prevent the flow of current to the tower or other grounding facilities, thereby protecting the safety of personnel and equipment. It can isolate power lines and ensure that current is only transmitted through the lines without causing any damage to the surrounding environment.

In summary, the 55-4m pin insulator is a high-performance power insulation device used to provide safe and reliable power transmission and distribution. Its design and material selection make it suitable for various environments, ensuring the normal operation of the power system.

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